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SfAM are always looking out for interesting stories from our scientists' research and through papers published in our journals.

If you know of any research which is about to be published and would be of interest to the general public, please contact Dr Paul Sainsbury, Head of Membership, Marketing and Communications Manager, on +44(0)207 685 2594, or email:

To view pdf versions of the press releases we've recently sent out to journalists, click on any of the links below. Journalists can view a selection of our Press Releases through Alphagalileo ( or Eurekalert (

  Rapid diagnosis to help fight against pig disease epidemic (3 July 2014)

  Scientists turn to 3Rs to improve research into most common food poisoning (1 July 2014)

  Could coffee be good for your teeth after all? (11 June 2014)

  Probiotic treatment for vaginal thrush on the way (19 February 2014)

  Could pizza herb prevent winter vomiting disease? (12 February 2014)

  Loss of biodiversity limits toxin degradation (15 January 2014)

  Bacteria to aid sustainable sugarcane production (19 December 2013)

  Japanese superfood prevents flu infection (6 November 2013)

  Risk to consumers from fungal toxins in shellfish should be monitored (6 September 2013)

  'Breast is best': Good bacteria arrive from mum's gut via breast milk (22 August 2013)

  Cut grass smell is key to healthier dairy products (21 August 2013)

  Leaf cutter ants inspire powerful new anti-cancer drugs (3 July 2013)

  New HIV drugs on the horizon (3 July 2013)

  Prebiotic supplement to improve health of overweight (2 July 2013)

  Workhorse of the dairy industry receives new assignment to tackle antibiotic problem (2 July 2013)

  Coud gonorrhoea be untreatable by 2015? (22 April 2013)

  HPV vaccines - 5 years on (22 April 2013)

  STIs in Stratford-upon-Avon (22 April 2013)

  Sex drugs and food fungi (9 January 2013)

  Super-microbes engineered to solve world environmental problems (8 October 2012)

  Tooth protection from the sea (4 July 2012)

  Stitches, sperm and science communication! (3 July 2012)

  Stressed bacteria may switch on resistance (3 July 2012)

  Award for top European Scientist in Stratford (18 April 2012)

  Flu, fever, sepsis and implant infections (18 April 2012)

  Wash your mouth out with silver (08 March 2012)

  Microbes friend or foe in the fight against climate change? (11 January 2012)

  Closer to a cure for eczema (24 November 2011)

  Gut microbiome shapes change in human health and disease research (10 October 2011)

  A faster cheaper way to diagnose TB (17 August 2011)

  Resistance is a growing problem in food bugs (06 July 2011)

  Manchester scientist wins Communications Award (06 July 2011)

  Social media and the fight against foodborne disease outbreaks (04 July 2011)

  Chest infections spread in Stratford (12 April 2011)

  Salmonella expert comes to Stratford-upon-Avon (12 April 2011)

  Could there be more than lunch lurking on your retainer? (14 March 2011)

  Probiotics, prebiotics and biofuel-producing bacteria (12 January 2011)

  Acne bug could be the cause of your infections (12 January 2011)

  Microscopic solutions to world's biggest problems (12 October 2010)

  Is hand washing enough to stop the spread of disease? (07 September 2010)

  How clean is your mouth: antibiotic resistance in plaque (07 July 2010)

  Disinfectants may be contributing to antibiotic resistance (07 July 2010)

  SfAM announces winner of Communications Award 2010 (07 July 2010)

  Viruses - unlikely allies in the war against infectious disease (06 July 2010)

  Friendly viruses, food poisoning and bacterial slime (02 July 2010)

  World class scientist comes to Stratford-upon-Avon (13 April 2010)

  Sickly Stomachs in Stratford! (13 April 2010)

  Scientists deepen knowledge about life beneath the ocean waves (12 October 2009)

  Chilled-out animals: a lower risk for food poisoning (8 July 2009)

  Understanding MRSA (8 July 2009)

  Travel and the spread of infectious disease (8 July 2009)

  SfAM announces winner of Communications Award 2009 (7 July 2009)

  WHO initiative to control neglected disease and alleviate poverty (06 July 2009)

  Swine flu and other zoonotic diseases - meeting in Manchester! (5 July 2009)

  Closer to an effective treatment for gum disease in smokers (11 May 2009)

  World-class scientist - first Procter and Gamble Prize winner for Europe - comes to Birmingham (21 April 2009)

  Bioterror, breathing and bugs! (21 April 2009)

  A cure for honey bee colony collapse? (14 April 2009)

  Food glorious food! (09 January 2009)

  Getting results fast! (09 January 2009)

  New infant formula safety advice could prevent infant suffering (6 January 2009)

  Bacteria manage perfume oil production from grass (01 November 2008)

  Scientists use remote satellite imaging to predict outbreaks of infectious disease (01 September 2008)

  Water, water everywhere! (30 June 2008)

  SfAM presents first Science Communication award to Nottingham academic (30 June 2008)

  Bees disease - one step closer to finding a cure (02 May 2008)

  Cholera study provides exciting new way of looking at infectious disease (2 May 2008)

  Bilious Bugs! (8 April 2008)

  Bugs for alcohol (8 January 2008)

  Norovirus - homing in on the home (04 January 2008)

  Cosmopolitan Microbes - Hitch-hikers on Darwin's Dust (04 December 2007)

  Bugs on your salad (2 July 2007)

  A dietary supplement protects the lives of farm shrimp (21 February 2007)

  Scientists use an "ice lolly" to find polar bacteria in their own back yard (28 September 2006)

  Bacteria living together (2 July 2006)

  Over-use of antibiotics in fish-for-food industry encourages bacterial resistance and disease (20 June 2006)

  Single cell amoeba increases MRSA numbers 1000 -fold. (March 2006)

  Snakes poisoned at birth (February 2006)

  Vibrio bacteria could be a risk to fish as well as humans (10 August 2005)

  Applying Ecological Laws to Bacteria (2 August 2005)

  Bacteria feed on smelly breath (and feet) (26 July 2005)

  Belfast scientist to lead UK Microbiologists (July 2005)