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5 April 2018
Shape up for the Annual Conference

The Early Career Scientists 7th Annual Research Symposium on Epidemiology and Infection Control proved a huge success- thanks to all involved.

If you were unable to attend, but would like a sample of the brilliant atmosphere and topics discussed, why not try this podcast by Jenny French, which was recorded live at the event.

The next meeting for your calendar is 'Applications of plant pathology: from field to clinic' in association with British Society for Plant Pathology. We look forward to seeing you there.

Countdown to Brighton

The Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) aims to support its members in their personal development and research. The Registration Fees Grant is just one of the ways SfAM offers financial assistance to members who wish to attend an applied microbiology scientific meeting.

These costs are limited to registration fees only, and to a maximum of £300. This grant is available to all members, including those currently on maternity/paternity leave. The deadline for the Registration Fees Grant is four weeks prior to the start of the event, so members might be wise to start thinking about the SfAM Summer Conference in Brighton this July.

Don't miss out

Last year, Daniel Amund was awarded a Registration Fees Grant for the Annual Conference in Gateshead. He’s an Assistant Lecturer in Biomolecular Sciences at Coventry University and hadn’t been to our Annual Conference in 3 years. How did he find it?

“The programme of speakers was excellent, and the talks were very informative and well delivered. Particular highlights were the JAM lecture on gut microbiota by Koen Venema, and the talk on food safety education and training by Ellen Evans.

Aside from the talks, I thoroughly enjoyed the social opportunities. I reconnected with old friends and associates and got to make new connections.”

See? This is what you could be missing. The theme of this year’s Annual Conference is Passport to Infection - Infections of Travel and Leisure. Our Registration Fees Grant can be used to supplement the cost of the full three days or for just one day, if it features a topic or speaker you’d like to hear.

How could you not be curious to learn more about ‘Unusual holiday tales – selected case reports’ by Geraldine O’Hare or ‘Don’t go into the water! Dangers of swimming’ by Paul Hunter? With the rising popularity of seaborne holidays and the continuing success of Jane McDonald, perhaps we’d all do well to hear Vivek Kak’s Tuesday presentation ‘Infections on cruise ships’. Ms McDonald possibly has a tale or two on that very topic.

Last year's Annual Conference was our most successful to date, with a record number of delegates and an overwhelmingly positive response to the workshops, social events and presentations. Be sure to book early for this year's event. 

More information on The Registration Fees Grant