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26 October 2017
Keep antibiotics working

This week, Public Health England launched a major new campaign hoping to extend the reduction of inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Estimates indicate that around 5,000 people in England alone die every year because of antimicrobial resistance.

As part of the Keep Antibiotics Working campaign, TV adverts have been created that feature singing antibiotic pills. There’s no denying the tune is as catchy as any ditty released by Taylor, Katy, Britney or Mr. Sheeran.

Tops of the pill pops

“Every time you feel a bit under the weather, don’t always think that we can make you better”, sing the musical capsules, urging us to take the advice of healthcare professionals.

It’s been predicted that in just over 30 years, antibiotic resistance will claim more lives than cancer and diabetes combined. Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies recently warned of a “post-antibiotic apocalypse” and “the end of modern medicine” if action is not taken to address the threat.

“Antibiotic resistance is not a distant threat, but is in fact one of the most dangerous global crises facing the modern world today,” Professor Paul Cosford, Medical Director at PHE, told the media.

“Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them puts you and your family at risk of developing infections which in turn cannot be easily treated with antibiotics. Without urgent action from all of us, common infections, minor injuries and routine operations will become much riskier.”

Partake in a pledge

As part of their drive to increase awareness, Public Health England has established the Antibiotic Guardian pledge campaign, calling on everyone in the UK, the public and healthcare community to become antibiotics guardian by choosing one simple pledge about how they will make better use of these vital medicines.

This engaging work is an informative prelude to World Antibiotic Awareness Week on 13-19 November 2017. Adding to the debate and ensuring the topic remains newsworthy, the Society for Applied Microbiology will hold its 3rd Antimicrobial Resistance Conference in collaboration with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Royal Society of Chemistry on the 23 and 24 November 2017.

This 2-day conference will present our current understanding of AMR, through key note presentations, case studies, expert opinion, and panel discussions. We invite you to join in the AMR debate to help find solutions to this important challenge. Day 1 will concentrate on areas spanning human health, diagnostics and agriculture.  Day 2 will concentrate on issues related to AMR in wastewater treatment. The conference is aimed at a wide range of professionals, including clinical, biomedical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and wastewater experts.