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SfAM Communications Award

2013 award nominations are now CLOSED

The SfAM Communications Award aims to recognize individuals who have communicated applied microbiology (either their own work or that of others) effectively to the general public. The overall aim of the award is to raise the profile of applied microbiology and SfAM. There will be provision for annual awards in each of two categories:

Category 1: Scientist

Category 2: Professional communicator

Nominations should be in writing using the form below and providing detailed information about relevant media/communications work of the nominee.

Nominees will be invited to receive their award at a dedicated event during 2013.

Please see the terms and conditions to the right of this page for details.

  1. Your details

  2. Details of the person you would like to nominate

  3. Please list nominee's science communication work during the last 36 months indicating for each work: Title of activity, Date, Medium of communication, Innovative nature of communication, Audience and any other information you feel is relevant. If the nominee has more than five relevant activities, please submit additional information as a word document below.

Terms and conditions

Nominations should be in writing, providing detailed information about all relevant media/communications/public engagement work of the nominee.

Category 1 - Scientist
Nominees in this category can be scientists who are recognized science communicators or those who are developing a role in this area. The nature of their preferred media of communication can be media work, science festivals, public events including lectures or lecture series, classroom demonstrations or any other means of engaging people with applied microbiology. This will include use of Web 2.0 (e.g. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to successfully communicate applied microbiology.

The award will be for £500. Nominations in this category should be from SfAM members only and made electronically, using the form to the left. Members may nominate themselves.

Category 2 - Professional communicator
The nature of the communication can be local, national, or international factual or fictional works including: fiction books, factual books, popular science books, newspaper/magazine articles, film, television, works of art/exhibitions or any other format a nominee considers appropriate, including use of Web 2.0 (e.g. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to successfully communicate applied microbiology. The award will be for £500 and nominations can be from members or non-members who can nominate themselves. Nominees in this category could be:

  • Professional broadcasters
  • Authors
  • School teachers/FE lecturers
  • Artists

The closing date for nominations is 14 June 2013.

The judging panel comprises experts in the field of science communication, each with their own specialty:

Sue Nelson - Science Journalist and Broadcaster, Editor of The Biologist and Producer/Presenter of the Planet Earth podcast and the Micropod podcast.

Sam Gray - Research and Enterprise Development Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University

Anna Dumitriu - Winner in the “Professional Communicator" category 2012,  and a visual and performance artist specializing in bioart.