Grants & Awards

Want to attend one of our meetings, visit a laboratory overseas, arrange for a student to gain some work experience in your laboratory or organize a one-day meeting in your region? Can't find the money to support this worthwhile venture? Then apply for a SfAM grant. As a registered charity we have an extensive range of grants and awards available to all Full Ordinary and Full Student Members for these and additional activities which all support a greater understanding of applied microbiology.

Even if you are not personally eligible, perhaps you have a colleague who could be a potential recipient? These sources of funding are intended to help microbiologists to further their own career and to make advances in applied microbiology. We look forward to receiving your nominations and applications. Members outside the UK in particular are invited to take advantage of these sources of funding.

To find out more about our grants, and to apply, please click on any of the links to the left.

Please note: for many of our grants, you must have been a member of SfAM for a certain time period before you are eligible to apply.

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