SfAM events

SfAM holds anumber of scientific meetings and lectures every year. The Early Career Scientists (ECS) group, which is also part of SfAM and dedicated to all ECS Members, also host their own annual research symposium.

The Applied Microbiology Conference is the big one! This four-day meeting is held annually within the UK. The Journal of Applied Microbiology Annual Lecture starts proceedings on the evening of day 1 and  following this are three days of vibrant science and a packed social programme.

In the Spring we will hold a meeting on Plant Pathology, in conjunction with the Britsh Society for Plant Pathogy. We have an excellent and packed agenda with some great speakers. For futher details click here.

Water droplet

In Autumn, SfAM holds the Environmental Microbiology Lecture, which brings a renowned microbiologist of international standing to London. The lecture is a great way for attendees to learn something new and to meet old friends and new acquaintances over a drink at the reception. Places for Members are free of charge but limited, so you are advised to book early to be sure of a seat. Members are sent an invitation to this event which contains a 'promotional code' to enable them to obtain a free ticket.  Tickets are available for Non-Members at £15.

Almost all countries face increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR), not only in humans but also in livestock and along the food chain. It is for this reason the Society hold a special meeting on antimicrobial resistance towards the end of the year. Places at the AMR conference fill up fast, so anyone wishing to join is urged to book their place early to avoid disappointment.

For further information on any of our events, please email laura@sfam.org.uk