About SfAM

SfAM is the oldest microbiology society in the UK, serving microbiologists around the world. As the voice of applied microbiology, SfAM works to advance, for the benefit of the public, the science of microbiology in its application to the environment, human and animal health, agriculture, and industry.

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SfAM Tweets

  1. sfamtweets: Working towards producing itaconic acid from mannose #LettersIn https://t.co/HESFQueAQdhttps://t.co/MTeW4nGWHR

    12:29 PM Dec 18

  2. sfamtweets: RT @RoyalSocBio: Did you spot some of this year's photo competition entries over on BuzzFeed this morning? Check it out 📸 https://t.co/k3Pu

    12:07 PM Dec 18